The Return of the 70’s Prep

The Generation Y and Z’s increased consciousness of health and wellness, the conspicuous return of running shoes as trendy footwear in recent seasons, and the passage of the ultra-skinny heroin-chic look to the toned body (read: booty) can only mean one thing : exercising has become mainstream.

To some, this means wearing leggings all day every day, to others this means splurging on a bright pink sports bra/short short/sneaker set; however, I can’t help but predict the comeback of tracksuits and side slit shorts as everyday casual-wear. I just can’t.

The 70’s are making a comeback – but this time it doesn’t involve macrame bikini tops and flower headbands.

3c84a943aa9a41387a650b45a43be3c1Photo from L’Officiel Magazine, 1974

GilElvgrenPin-up art by Gil Elvgreen

Luckily, given the predominance of blacks and neutrals in recent seasons, the sportswear that will soon take over retail stores may stray from the reds, yellows, and blues of the 70’s.

…if reds, yellows, and blues ARE your thing, check out these sweet vintage garments from the 70s. Remember, everything in the shop is 20% off with coupon code “GooddaySunshine”. Offer ends tomorrow at midnight.

Red playsuit

Red playsuit


Cobalt gym shorts


Yellow pinstripe swim trunks


What’s your favorite way to get your sweat on, and what do you wear?


Gunstreet Girl


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