St Paddy’s day

Oh hello,

Today we are reminded that Ireland is cool, and I’m not just talkin’ bout the rain.

Ireland has a marvelously rich culture that is instantly distinguished through music, beer, rolling hills, cuisine, folk tales, faeries, dancing…Ireland is so much more colorful than a mere flag and a drab speech about patriotism.

I’ve been to this Land of Éire. It is as magical as the stories lead us to believe. From the Aren Islands to the Blarney Stone, the greenest grass you ever will see. Blokes gather at the pub at noon on a Tuesday. They tell you about traditions (read this) and how “yer man in County Clare makes the best Poitìn in the country”, then they head to the bookies to spend their hard earned cash.

On that note, here is a green thing that is for sale in the shop. Several items were added over the weekend, check em out!


Happy St Patrick’s day!

GunStreet Girl


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