Vacation, the Open Road, a Fringed Leather Jacket

It’s time for me to blind everyone with my porcelain colored skin as I shamelessly lay on the beach and let the sun rays bounce off the SPF 50 on my back. Time to be a backseat rider on my lover’s Harley – I’ll open my arms wide as the wind dances with the leather fringe along my sleeves. Fast food for breakfast and lunch; beer for dinner. We’ll be fugitives from the rain, groupies to the open road, and slaves only to the 9-5 that awaits us at home.



Hope you get some vacation time this summer as well – take some time for yourself, whether you spend it at the spa, critiquing the artwork above the bed at an 80s roadside motel, or hiking up the highest peak in your area. What ARE your vacation plans?



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