September for Syria – A sensible excuse to buy vintage!

You have 10 days left to take part in GunStreet‘s September for Syria campaign. HALF of every sale this month will be donated directly to CARE Canada‘s Syrian Refugee Fund. As a young professional  living paycheck to paycheck it was so easy for me to turn my eyes and ears away from the tragic humanitarian crisis happening on the next continent over – but then I realized I could do something small, minuscule even, to spread awareness and raise a couple bucks for these people ( humans!) who are in dire need of help.

A few facts about the crisis:

  • Over 7 Million people (that’s more than 4 times the population of Toronto) have been displaced since the crisis began in 2011
  • The Refugees are men, women, and children. They are professionals, students, and they have friends and families. Some have money, some don’t. They come from all wakes of life, and the life they knew has come to a brutal halt.

    They were educated professionals with fulfilling lives before.  They had family gatherings and birthday celebrations. Careers and dreams. Homes and hopes. Just like you and I have.

  • The U.N. estimates that more than half of the refugees are under the age of 18. Most have been out of school for months, if not years.


I understand that Millions of people suffer around the world every day, not just the Syrians who formerly lived middle-class lives similar to my own, and for this reason I wholeheartedly commit to donating a portion of GunStreet sales to a different charity every month from now until forever.

Below, a few items that have been listed with love over the weekend.
They are available for purchase at



Harley Davidson Patch

Thank you!





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