September for Syria – Psssttt….

Our September for Syria campaign is almost over! For these last few days, use coupon code ” S3PTEMB3R ” and save 15% on your order! Shop HERE, and remember, half of each and every sale will be donated to CARE Canada.

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September for Syria!

My heart sinks when I consider the way we treat our planet, this beautiful mass of life that gives us everything we need and more. My stomach twists and turns when I contemplate the ways humans treat each other, ranking power so far ahead of vitality.

I will be donating HALF of all GunStreet sales for September to CARE Canada’s Syrian Refugee Crisis Relief Fund. It is a minuscule gesture, but a gesture nonetheless. With an ocean separating us from the heat of the action it feels impossible to help; CARE Canada works on location, within the camps, providing emergency support to refugees.
For more on CARE Canada click HERE

Please check out my shop – 50% of the cost of your item will go directly to aid humans in need.

Please share this link ( ) with friends and family who may be interested in purchasing vintage items for a good cause.



Thank you!