250th sale!

GunStreet has recently dropped off its 250th order at the Post Office! To celebrate, we’re offering 25% off EVERYTHING in the shop – that’s shirts, dresses, pants, bags, accessories, shoes…all quality vintage for the eco-fashionista!

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Return to Space

He fell onto our planet in 1947 to redefine music, fashion and art, and to test the limits of the limelight, which he would discover to be infinite.

The Man Who Sold the World
70s checkered elephant pants


Ziggy Stardust
Fushia ultra-wide elephant pants


Aladdin Sane
Green and white colorblock blazer



The Thin White Duke
A tapestry vest in pastel colors



May we forever be inspired by Bowie’s candid trajectory through this mad world of ours.

Take a deep breath – Christmas is over!


The post-christmas season is upon us! After several sloppy kisses from Aunt Maybel, falsifying delight as I unwrapped a dress that was better suited for a post-pubescent Amish mademoiselle in rural Pennsylvania, and eating enough fudge to negate every single Pilates class I attended in 2015, it’s time for Boxing week madness!

Let’s go! 30% off everything in the shop with the code ” De4dTree ” ! (psst – if you’re in the USA, you’ll find this deal particularly appealing as my already-low prices are further reduced by the petty value of our Loonie, only to be reduced again by this 30% off sale! Are you following?)

Offer valid December 26th through January 1st 2016.

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GunStreet Vintage – New Stock!

A whole bunch of new stock up on GunStreet ! While you’re visiting, why not check out our new “Name your price” section (which is pretty self-explanatory).


Leather slingback chunky heels with cutour – size 7


Coyote fur pillbox hat

The fur hat should compensate for the cutouts in the shoes, you know…winter and stuff.



You are a gem

It’s true what they say,
you are a gem.
You sparkle, you vibrate. You are the earth.

You are precious and raw;
you are a luminous energy.
So shine on, you crazy diamond!


Order anything from GunStreet during the month of December and score a free pair of raw gemstone earrings! Stones are Clear quartz, Dioptase, Blue Apatite, or Amethyst!



For your face – A rose and elderflower toner

A little lesson in alchemy to share with you today!

This beach rose and elderflower face tonic is a refreshing way to pamper yourself just before bedtime. Sweet dreams guaranteed.

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Hydrosol infused with dried roses and elderflowers tightens and moisturizes your skin, while Witch Hazel deeply cleans and shrinks your pores. Using only 4 ingredients, this formula can be customized for different skin types by adjusting the Witch Hazel to hydrosol ratio.

 Rose Water is extremely beneficial to your pretty face! It helps to balance your skin’s PH, has antibacterial properties, and is said to even out skin tone (redness).
Elderflower also plays its part in this formula, evening out your complexion and giving you a healthy glow.
Finally, the Witch Hazel acts as the astringent in this recipe. It deeply cleanses your pores of any oils, which helps to minimize them for a clear complexion. The Witch Hazel also acts as a preservative, giving this all-natural toner a shelf life of about 3 weeks.

What you’ll need :
 1/2 cup dried rose petals (or 1 cup fresh, pesticide free rose petals)
 1/2 cup dried elderflower (or 1 cup fresh)
 2 cups distilled water
 1 cup Witch Hazel

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What to do :
 1 – Make your hydrosol – Place flowers (dried or fresh) in a saucepan over low heat. Cover with distilled water (water should generously cover flowers). Let the infusion brew for 3 to 6 hours over lowest heat. Allow to cool afterwards.

2 – Place a cheesecloth or a sieve over a jar (ie : mason jar), and pour the water/flower mixture through. Be sure to firmly squeeze any remaining oils out of the flowers before discarding them.

3 – Mix your toner :
Neutral skin types can mix 50/50 (1 part Hydrosol to 1 part Witch Hazel)
For oily or blemish-prone skin, increase astringent ratio (3 parts Witch Hazel to 1 part Hydrosol)
For dry skin, increase Hydrosol ratio (3 parts Hydrosol to 1 part Witch Hazel)

I like to keep my hydrosol in a jar in the fridge, and mix small batches of toner that can be adjusted according to my skins needs. Shake before using.