Once upon a time, circa 2011, someone wore a pair of denim cutoff shorts and a flower crown to a music festival.


Exhibit A

Being original in an age of copycat fashion is a challenge that many are not ready to face. Putting together a look-du-jour can be daunting to those who’ve yet to discover their sense of personal style, which may explain why many opt for ready-made outfits (read: whatever the mannequins in the F21 window are wearing). This takes us back to that darned music festival in or around 2011. That one girl looked so cool that suddenly everyone thought they could throw on the shorts the cropped top and the crown and be just as cool. False. You might look the part, but you’re the sartorial equivalent of cheez whiz on a hamburger.

So I dare you to check out your local thrift shop for unique threads that are sure to put you in a celebratory mood after all the coins you spent on your festival passes! The trick is to mix and match trendy pieces with unexpected ones. Take inspiration (but do not copy) the photos above: Alexa Chung pairs her Hunter boots with a sparkly minidress, Leandra Medine pairs trendy white sneakers with a colorful draped dress.

Shout out to Joni and Leonard, looking fly always!